Managed Firewall – Keep your vital business information
safe and secure.

With the ever growing use of mobile devices, social networks and cloud-based applications, securing your business’ vital information is critical. Besides deliberate outside attacks, your own employees may unwittingly threaten your network by opening email-borne viruses or accessing the wrong websites.

Our solution employs enterprise grade firewalls that offer most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to keep your business safe against intrusions, malware, DoS attacks and advanced persistent threats.

Managed Content Filtering – Block objectionable and unsafe websites

Our content filtering solutions provide granular control and the ability to govern every website accessed by users in your business.

  • Greater productivity – Easily block or allow what wehsites your employees can access
  • Lower risk – Decrease risk of malware and phishing and protect your business.
  • Data leakage control – Filter what employees share online to keep intellectual property and confidential information from leaving the business.
  • Increase Compliance – Stop Internet usage that might offend other employees or customers

Managed Antimalware – Detect and block Malware

By now, most people are familiar with the term ‘antivirus’ . Majority of solutions are a monthly or yearly subscription. This type of antivirus software is often referred to as unmanaged, largely because it relies on the end-user has to keep it updated. And worse still the users have the ability to disable updates, turn off the scanner, or uninstall it.

A managed antivirus solution is managed from a central server, and ensures that virus definitions are up-to-date with regular scans are scheduled, thus protecting computers. Managed antivirus solutions usually can’t be uninstalled or turned off, meaning your systems are continually protected.

Security Assessment

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