Microsoft Solutions Partner

Since the launch of Microsoft Office 365, Networx has been helping organisation migrate to the cloud based collaboration and productivity tool. Free for schools, Microsoft’s Office 365 for education offers students and teachers tools they need to be successful. If you are considering Office 365, we can assist you in selecting the best subscription program and migration. Unsure if its the right solution for your organisation – We can help with evaluation of Office 365 by performing an Office 365 Proof of Concept or Office 365 Pilot.

Business Class Email

Email is the lifeblood of almost every organization. The ability to send and receive electronic mail has been one of the biggest productivity enhancements in the history of business. Knowing no geographic or timezone boundary, email allows free flow of information. Office 365 takes the cost and complexity of owning, managing and maintaining an email system.

Some benefits of Office 365 email includes:

Large Mailboxes

50GB per User plus another 50GB secodary archive mailbox. No more trying to keep up with users by buying disk, archiving, or other “losing battle” efforts.

Shared Calendars

The opportunity to visualize your work date and commitments is priceless. Exchange in Office 365 gives you the ability to have multiple calendars, view calendars of co-workers, schedule meeting room assets, etc.

Spam and Malware Protection

No need to have a separate system as Office 365 provides built-in protection. The cost savings alone here often pays for the entire subscription.

Multi-platform Access

Whether you use Outlook, Web browser, Windows, MAC, Android, PC, Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile, you can access your mail on any platform, anytime, anywhere.

Security & Compliance

With Office 365, Microsoft takes security and compliance to the next level. Now you have even more control over your data security and compliance with built-in privacy, transparency, and refined user controls.

Bussiness Class Collaboration

With Office 2016, everything’s within reach. That’s because it seamlessly integrates with OneDrive, a secure cloud storage service. With 1 TB of secure online storage with OneDrive for Business, your files are always safe and always accessible. Real-time co-authoring in Word allows multiple users edit the same document at the same time.

Skype for Business

Instant messaging, Audio and Video Conferencing and and screen sharing all in one app that works with Office. Meet with up to 250 peopleeven if they’re not on Skype for Business. All they need is a internet connection.

Microsoft Office – Latest version now and forever

Instead of buying software that will be out of date next year (or next month), Office 365 works like a magazine subscription. Every time there’s a new edition of Office, it gets delivered to you automatically, at no extra charge. No big upfront cost now. No big upgrade cost later. Just a low monthly price to always have the latest version